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Rz Ecoseal 


The Product

RZ-Ecoseal is a halogen free, waterborne vinyl acetate copolymer dispersion.



A white, elastic mastic which transforms into a hard crust, similar to ceramic, when exposed to high temperatures derived from flames or intensive heat radiation from fire. The insulating capacity of the crust effectively extinguishes the flow of heat to the treated surface. The cured mastic is elastic, weatherproof and resistant to most chemical solutions and is therefore suitable for use in locations with high air humidity and other aggressive environments. RZ-Ecoseal can be repainted with topcoat.


RZ-Ecoseal can be used on surfaces as a delay for heat-transfer and/or condensation. RZ-Ecoseal can also be used for sealing gaps in ductwork to make it water- and airtight. This to prevent oxygen from entering the duct trough leakage openings, in case of fire


Reduce The Volume of Grease in Extractraction System
Easy to Clean = Reduced Cleaning Times
Reduce Maintainance Cost
Kitchen Exhaust System Becomes Lined With a Non-flammable Sealant 
Reduced Fire Risk 


Stops Condenstaion
Increase System Performance 
Lower Energy Cost
Stops HVAC Spreading of Viruses/Bacteria
Prolong System Lifespan
Improve Air Quality 


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